The Western Diet is Your Enemy!


You are what you eat is a maxim that’s value is lost because of its simplicity. After years of helping clients, it is obvious that statement is the ultimate dieting truth. The western diet is an enemy to us all, and it has taken its share of lives. The standard western diet is composed of bad fats, simple carbs, simple sugar, processed meats, too much dairy and too much grain.

High calorie meals that lead to hunger

If we are what we eat, then the average American has created a body that is destined for obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, and a stroke. This awful diet leads to overeating and the consumption of too many calories. We often find that clients who eat this diet can consume a 1000 calorie meal and afterwards they are still hungry. More important than portion control is eating the correct foods. A diet rich in healthy fruits and vegetables naturally teaches portion control, and it actually allows you to take less calories. Everything starts with eating the correct foods.

Starting over

After years of unhealthy eating, it is often necessary to reboot the body by starting the weight loss program. This program is designed to break your food addictions and to purge your body of unhealthy toxins. Our nutritionists will encourage you to abstain from caffeine, soda, sugary foods, sugary beverages, alcohol and unhealthy fats during the program. Renew for Health offers a natural weight loss program that can help you adapt to a healthier diet easier. We will help you make better decisions on your diet and help you lose weight.

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