Patient Testimonials

Teresa writes…

“I first met the team from Renew Health at the gym during a screening. They did a preliminary exam and said I was way out of alignment. In reality, I had been having trouble turning my head and neck to the right for years, but had done nothing about it. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Brian have been so helpful with my treatment. Dr. Lisa amazes me with how easily she can adjust me. Not only has she helped my posture and mobility, but she has been such an advocate in my weight loss journey. The best part of coming to Renew Health is the staff! They are the BEST! They are very knowledgeable and always greet me with big smiles. It is such a pleasure to come into the office.”

Thomas D writes…

“I decided to start treatment with Renew Health due to a constant dull throbbing pain in my ear. This condition was causing severe pain in my ears. I had trouble hearing people talk from the constant throbbing pain in my ear. This led me to Renew Health. I followed the proper care plan and kept up with my home care. The results have been amazing. I can hear so much better. I recommend Renew Health due to their staff and the process of wellness that they share with patients every day.”

Derwyn writes…

“I have been coming to Renew Health for 5 years and they have truly improved my life. I have been pain free for so long and love it! I live 35 miles from the office, but still make the drive because Dr. Lisa and Dr. Brian and staff are so caring.”

Renew Health Medical has been a Godsend

Ann Basarab testimonial

Q. What was your particular condition?
A. I went to Renew for Health because I have suffered from constipation my entire life and ulcers/heartburn since my early 20s. Both have gotten worse over time

Q. What have you tried in the past?
A. I have been to numerous specialists who offered who provided no help. I tried every over the counter medicine that is available, some of which provided short-term benefits; none provided long term benefits.

Q. Describe how this condition might have affected you, your work, your family and social life?
A. There have been occasions when I didn’t go to a social gathering and many times when I left early. I rarely left work early, but I did a few times when the heartburn was extremely painful.

Q. Who referred you or how did you find our office?
A. I asked my family doctor if there was one type of doctor or clinic that I could go to get help. She said that there wasn’t and that I needed to continue to see specialists. Soon thereafter one of my dear friends told me she was planning to make an appointment at Renew for Health. As she described what the center offered, I felt sure that I had found the one place that could help me.

Q. How has Renew Health Medical Center changed or improved your life?
A. I have found the one place that can help me. The Renew for Health clinic has been a godsend. For the first time the right medical tests were run so that the actual health issues could be treated (inflamed gut, non-functioning adrenal system, low glutathione, parasites, and high lead and arsenic). No other medical professionals, including gastroenterologists, ever ran these types of tests.
For the first time in decades I don’t suffer from daily heartburn and my “intestinal issues” are much improved. It will take more time to fully repair my gut, but I am well on my way to 100% improvement.

Q. Describe your impression of the Renew Health Team.
A. Every member of the Renew for Health team makes you feel welcome to the clinic. Every time I have had a question or needed help with an issue, the team is available and ready to help. Without reservation I whole-heartedly recommend Renew for Health.

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