NaGalese Testing


Why Test for NaGalase?

NaGalase (alpha-N-acctylgalactosaminidase) is an enzyme that accumulates in serum of advanced cancer patients. NaGalase prevents the activation of the vitamin D-dependent protein Gc, thus preventing macrophage killing of cancer cells. The NaGalase test indicates the severity of the tumor burden in patients and can also be used to measure the effectiveness of treatment.

In addition to NaGalase, lactic acid can also be used to measure tumor burden within the patient. In cancer cells, cellular metabolism is solely based upon glycolysis with the end result being pyruvic acid and then conversion to lactic aci, as decided by the Warburg Effect. Lactic acid is secreted from the cancer cell where it can be measured within serum.

Similarly to NaGalase and lactic acid, total IgG can be used to assess a patients tumor load and therapy effectiveness. It has been reported that several tumors induce IgG and it is postulated that IgG binding to a cancer cell prevents immune recognition and killing of the cancer cell.

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