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Your spine is the center of your backbone and runs straight down your back. Everyone’s spine curves a little, but abnormal curving in the spine is defined as Scoliosis. Typically classified as either congenital (present at birth), idiopathic (cause unknown; subclassified as infantile, juvenile, adolescent, or adult), or neuromuscular (having developed as a secondary symptom), Scoliosis has been known to deform the spine into the shape of a letter “C” or “S.” If you or a loved on have been diagnosed with scoliosis or are experiencing symptoms, schedule your appointment today with Alpharetta’s best scoliosis doctor.


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Typical Scoliosis treatment may depend on many variables which include:

  • What caused the scoliosis
  • How the spine has been deformed
  • How big the spinal curve is
  • Whether your body is still growing

Although the majority of Scoliosis cases do not require treatment, the determining factor in deciding the proper treatment is the size of the curve in your spine. If you are examined and it is determined that no treatment is necessary, it is still important to be checked every 3-6 months in case the curve has worsened.

In most cases of Scoliosis, back surgery can be avoided and a simple Scoliosis back brace can be worn. Renew’s Scoliosis specialists can can recommend our SpineCor Brace.

SpineCor Brace

Our offices are certified providers of the SpineCor Corrective Scoliosis Brace. We provide our patients with a full clinical and radiological examination, classify the type of scoliosis, and fit them with the SpineCor brace. We will work with our patient’s chiropractor, surgeon, or other healthcare providers to assure proper care.

Flexible Bracing and Treatment of Scoliosis
Spinecor Scoliosis Brace is the first and only truly dynamic brace, which provides a progressive correction of Idiopathic Scoliosis from 15 degree Cobb angles and above. Traditional rigid braces are non-dynamic and create muscle atrophy.

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Spinecor is the only brace that preserves normal body movement and growth and allows normal activities of daily living. In fact, patients with the SpineCor brace are encouraged to be physically active while wearing the brace.

The revolutionary Soft Flexible Scoliosis Brace has been proven to re-educate the muscles. It can miraculously reduce, stabilize and often completely reverse both a child’s scoliosis and an adult’s scoliosis.


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