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Because your spine is made up of delicate parts such as bones, discs, cartilage, blood vessels, muscles, and nerves, the slightest impact can lead to dramatic injury and intense pain. In fact, neck and back pain are the leading causes for doctor visits in the United States. It is estimated that 3 out of 4 workers in America will miss at least one day of work every year due to neck and back pain. Don’t accept pain as a normal part of your life. Call Renew today and start the process towards a full and complete recovery!

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Don’t settle for a life of dependency on pain medication to live a normal life. Pain pills can only cover up your pain, but can’t do anything to treat the cause of the pain. At Renew Health, we can diagnose the cause of your pain and then prescribe the treatment that your individual injury requires to work towards a complete recovery. Don’t suffer for another day. Call Renew now!

Back Pain Treatment Alpharetta

Mild to severe back pain can occur when playing sports on the weekend, bending or lifting to pick up every day things, or maintaining poor posture. These types of simple activities can put unnatural pressure on the elements of your neck and back that can lead to painful injuries. Pulled muscles, slipped discs, or over-stimulated nerves are three common back injuries that Renew can treat with a series of simple chiropractic care and massage therapy treatments. Don’t accept your back pain as a normal part of your life.

Neck Pain Treatment Alpharetta

Because the neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the entire body, the slightest wrong movement can lead to an injury causing intense pain. The most common neck injury is known as whiplash and is typically sustained in car accidents. The muscles in the neck are thrust in one direction and then “whipped” quickly in the opposite direction causing major injury to the upper shoulders and neck. Poor posture at a desk of driving an automobile can also lead to neck injuries. It is very important to make sure your life is ergonomically correct and to maintain good posture at all times.

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