Introducing Disc Ease Therapy


Disc Ease Therapy is a new treatment option for patients who have experienced back or neck pain due to a damaged disc. This therapy utilizes lumbar and cervical decompression in order to correct conditions of the lower back without the use of surgery. It develops a vacuum effect or negative pressure within the disc that then allows its center to be absorbed back into its normal position. This unherniates the disc and can result in pain relief.

Relieving Pain with Disc Ease Therapy

When facet joints of the lumbar and cervical spine and intervertebral discs are changed, pressure is exerted onto vital structures. This can result in inflammation, muscle spasms, and significant pain. Your Alpharetta Disc Ease Therapy will relieve this pressure and other factors that are thought to cause pain through the use of precise adjustments along the spinal column. This is done without applying any type of rotational movements or undesirable twisting.

Choosing Disc Ease Therapy over Traditional Treatments

In the past, physical therapy, medications, and surgery have been the traditional routes to treating spinal problems. Unfortunately, back surgery often results in complications that can potentially cause conditions that are permanently debilitating. These risky and expensive procedures resulted in the need for a new therapy to be developed that is less invasive. The use of Disc Ease Therapy has been shown to be successful when treating lower back pain that is caused by a variety of conditions, including:

There are also other benefits to choosing this treatment option over more traditional avenues. This treatment method has also resulted in an option for geriatric patients who suffer from back pain issues, as surgery is often contraindicated for this population. Additionally, there is no concern for becoming dependent upon this treatment method, which is often an issue when patients with chronic pain are forced to use prescription medications for relief.

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