How to Avoid Text Neck


Have you experienced pain or tension in your neck, shoulders, or head, specifically after you used your cell phone? Do you find yourself commonly texting or using your cell phone? If so, you may be experiencing “text neck”, which is a syndrome that chiropractors are beginning to see more frequently in their offices. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to visit your Alpharetta chiropractor for treatment.

What is Text Neck?

Text neck is a type of repetitive stress injury that results from bending the head forward for extended periods of time. This activity can cause the neck to strain and can result in considerable pain. Chiropractors are beginning to see an increase in patients looking for treatment of these injuries, and this phenomenon is thought to be in part due to our dependency on electronic devices.

How Can You Avoid Text Neck?

By using your technological device in a smarter way, you can work to avoid neck pain.

• Restrict your time on your cell phone. Only text for a few minutes at a time and try increasing the amount of phone calls you make rather than texting.

• Change positions frequently by getting up and walking around. Performing a few simple stretches can also help to loosen your muscles.

• Consult your chiropractor, as they can assist you in addressing these repetitive stress injuries before they cause a bigger problem. By visiting the chiropractor regularly, you can work to prevent injuries before they occur.

• Avoid craning your neck to look down for significant periods of time. Instead, bring your phone up to your eyes to view the screen.

• Use good posture. If you sit and stand properly, you will be less likely to have poor posture when texting or using your cell phone.

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