Why Test GUT Ecology?


The comprehensive digestive analysis design test ecology and physiology of the debt. The gut is central to the health and nutrition because without adequate digestion nothing gets into the system as it should. Got health is inherent to optimal wellness. While we obviously think about the connection between overall health and the conditions related to the gut, such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and and Chron’s, every health condition is impacted by the gut.

While traditional stool cultures only look for a few pathogenic gut flora, this test evaluates hundreds of different species of flora to assess the impact on intestinal health. often, many conditions that our thoughts be permanent can be corrected or greatly improved by assessing gut ecology and treating accordingly. Bacteria, yeast and parasites that may be harbored in the gut can contribute to fatigue, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. Also, infections in the gut weaken the immune system and create an environment that is more susceptible to systemic infections of all kinds. Harboring a chronic infection in the gut disrupts immune function in such a way that it can predispose us to auto – immune conditions. Infections in the got affect our level of inflammation throughout the body. More histamine is produced in the guy thing anywhere else the system. Also, many neurotransmitters are made in the guy including serotonin and melatonin. When the gut is in despair our system is weakened in general.

In addition to testing got bogs, this stool culture shows you markers for inflammation in the got to gauge improvement of care. Markers that show how well one is absorbing are also illustrated. A number of short chain fatty acids are shown which are indicators for how strong the gut wall is. All fundamental building blocks for gut health are included in this profile.
Complete stool culture includes all got bugs, measures of gut lining to assess gut permeability, as well as measures of absorption and disgestive enzymes. However, each major groupling of the stool culture can be done individually as well for specific patients needs and follow-up care.

Digestive Disorders

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