Food Sensitivity and Your Diet


Your diet might be killing your results. Are you dieting, but not getting the results that you want? Is your so-called healthy diet leaving you hungry, tired or even depressed? It happens all the time, people attempt eating a healthy diet, but instead of a healthy body they end up feeling sick. This is really unfortunate and something that we hate to see. Do not allow your good intentions to go down the drain. This article provides some ideas about why you are feeling this way. Many people have food sensitivitywithout knowing it, and after reading this article you might very we’ll learn that you are in that cohort.

Are you eating the 3 types of food that are most responsible for illness and food sensitivity?

People are shocked when they learn that wheat is a major cause of food allergies and food sensitivity. Wheat has been pumped up in the media and in health circle as a great source of fiber and nutrients, and it is true wheat has many benefits; it also causes bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut and other digestion issues. Check your diet: Are you eating a lot of wheat products? Try restricting wheat from you diet for a month and see if you do not feel better.

Dairy is a common cause of problems. From lactose intolerance to acid reflux, dairy is hard on the body. Try dairy substitute and monitor your condition. You might end up feeling better.

Processed Food:
Processed foods are an enemy of good health. Processed foods normally use highly acidic and high in sodium preservatives to extend their shelf life. These chemicals are very harsh and can cause a ton of health issues such as migraines, high blood pressure, fatigue and body aches. Processed food is something that we can easily tell you to completely stop consuming.

Whole foods diet from natural sources is what you should aim for.

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