Diagnostic Testing in Alpharetta

A diagnostic test is any kind of medical test used as a tool to assist in the detection or diagnosis of an illness or disease. Diagnostic testing can help diagnose a disease, sub-classify it, and even determine the best form of treatment. While some diagnostic testing can be performed in a simple office environment, others require advanced medical equipment and specialized medical technicians. To find out how Renew’s advanced diagnostic tests can better your life, call our diagnostic specialists today!

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Diagnostic tests are generally categorized in three ways: Invasive, Minimally Invasive, & Non-Invasive. A good diagnostic program that ensures safe and accurate results every time should include quality control, assurance, and assessment. Two primary diagnostic tests that we perform is NCV Testing & Electromyography. Renew for health medical center is leading the diagnostic industry in Alpharetta, so call today!

NCV Testing

NCV stands for Nerve Conduction Velocity and is a tool used to diagnose nerve, nerve root, or spinal cord problems. This test measures the velocity, intensity, and time of the electrical signal through the length of a particular nerve. This non-invasive and painless test can help determine the presence and extent of extreme motor and/or sensory nerve damage. The NCV stimulator sends a short electrical impulse along a particular nerve path recorded for the individual nerves respective velocity.

Electromyography (EMG Testing)

Also known as EMG, this test involves the insertion of thin needles into the muscles to evaluate injury to nerves as it relates to the muscles that it affects. The needle stimulates the muscle while the electrodes record the muscle’s response on the screen.

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Lab Testing in Alpharetta

Renew Health makes sure that we facilitate all services you might need in one building. You don’t have to go somewhere else for the medical tests– No wasting gas or time looking for a place to take a lab test. You will be able to take most of the lab test right after seeing a doctor for your convenience.

We have lab tests for Oxidized LDL, Diamine oxidase, Zonulin, Food sensitivity, and many more.

We also provide lab tests to the public—you don’t have to see our doctors to get a diagnosis. Come see us today for affordable services and help from experienced staff!

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